Quality and Expertise

VOGTLAND springs are produced out of the highest quality raw materials. Our products are produced to the tightest tolerances and quality control is implemented throughout our various and unique production processes. VOGTLAND utilizes the most current spring manufacturing technology by implementing the latest CNC-coilers with a high level of automation. Our employees are highly skilled and trained to operate the most current generation manufacturing equipment. The production process is supported by a certified quality management system according to ISO TS16949.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has stood tried and true for over 100 years. Providing an attractive look and improving the performance of the driving enthusiast’s vehicle. We make you love to drive.

The R&D and spring manufacturing process begins with intense research into the design of the stock suspension components. Ride heights, spring rates, spring lengths, and other attributes are all carefully measured to determine the optimal configuration for the new lowering springs. Beginning with the highest quality spring steel available, Vogtland carefully measures and tests our raw materials to make certain they meet strict guidelines. On top of the guidelines and highest standards we definitely do not forget about street drivability as well as the jaw dropping, head turning look you desire.

Do not be fooled by the cheap copy cat imitations! Man power combined with many years of experience and the most up to date, state of the art manufacturing machinery is what sets Vogtland apart.


Technical Center
In our Technical Center the suspension design process begins with VOGTLAND’s clearly defined process. By reviewing the OE spring and suspension components, we are able to create specific suspension components for each application by enhancing and refining the factory components.  Our engineers determine the best balance between ride and handling characteristics.

We tailor the ride height to ensure that the vehicle provides a lowered and aggressive appearance, yet still maintains the appropriate ride height for the suspension to function properly. The spring kits are tuned to function with the OE dampers, although VOGTLAND recommends a high performance damper available with our sport suspension kits for optimum handling and performance. Finally, our engineers perform and document all quality checks and prepare the TÜV homologation for its approval whenever it is necessary.

Our springs are developed to work with the stock shock absorbers. However, they can also be combined with quality brand name sport shock absorbers presently available on the market. Our complete suspension kits come with preselected shock absorbers specifically paired to work with our lowering springs to provide the most balanced suspension possible for your vehicle. VOGTLAND applies its years of experience in spring engineering to achieve spring designs that yield the look that you want, without sacrificing the dynamics or proper suspension geometry of the vehicle. VOGTLAND’s complete suspension kits are designed to provide the best balance of vehicle handling dynamics and OE fitment and quality.

VOGTLAND sport springs are produced using special inductively hardened spring steels of high tensile strength chromesilicon (CrSi) and chrome-silicon-vanadium (CrSiV) alloys using the cold coiling process. This provides reduced spring weight with high material strength, effectively reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicle and optimizing handling characteristics.

After the cold coiling process, all suspension springs are tempered, shotpeened and preset to ensure consistent vehicle ride height and suspension function.

Low grade products will lose height due to high impact; however, VOGLAND springs are guaranteed to maintain their factory settings because of our sophisticated presetting program. Finally the springs are phosphated and powder coated to ensure a superior corrosion barrier for years of service.

Quality is an integral part of VOGTLAND´s heritage. Our Quality Management Systems are in line with ISO TS 16949 and certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards which are supported internally by engineering, testing capabilities, and training programs to maintain the highest quality assurance standards.

Our products are TÜV approved; our Quality Management System is verified by the Federal Office of Motor Vehicles, which is critical in achieving TÜV Certification.

Due to our constant attention to product quality, you can be assured that a VOGTLAND product will function properly in its intended application, and provide the lasting quality that you desire. VOGTLAND is an active member of SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Market Association) and VDAT. VDAT is the Association of German Automobile Tuners and their Quality Seal underscores our competency as a suspension system specialist.

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