Sport Springs

High tensile chrome silicon alloy

VOGTLAND sport springs, manufactured in Germany, provide multifaceted improvements for your vehicles suspension. The comprehensive design generates a better overall appearance while making a significant improvement in performance. The compound spring rate allows for comfortable ride quality under normal driving conditions while providing maximum performance when being pushed to the limit.

VOGTLAND compound Spring Rate
As the distance of spring travel reduces, the performance demands of a spring drastically increase. Derived from racing, the VOGTLAND compound spring consists of two different spring rates. The initial rate provides the proper preload necessary for proper suspension function during all road conditions, and the final rate is designed to provide the appropriate vehicle balance for neutral steering characteristics. Each spring is calibrated for every specific car model, and provides a balance between performance and comfort. With lowering amounts available from 25 - 60 mm.

You can visually and physicall experience your car in a whole new way.

Wedge form
Lowering the car more at the front than in the back provides an aggressive apperance and race car look. Spring sets with only two springs for the front axle. Optically good and reasonably priced!
high-tensile chrome-silicon-alloy
high-quality powdercoating
Sport springs package