Racing Springs

High tensile chrome silicon alloy

Our Race Springs program consists of four product categories:
  • VR Race Springs with 60 mm inner diameter
  • VR Race Springs with 2,5 inch inner diameter
  • VR Race Springs with 2,25 inch inner diameter
  • NASCAR Racing Springs

VOGTLAND VR racing springs are manufactured at our facilities with our exclusive spring alloys. The special alloy permits our engineers to design the lightest possible springs to help reduce unsprung weight for improved handling and performance.

VOGTLAND VR racing springs provide more travel and are up to 35 % lighter than conventional chrome silicon (CrSi) alloy suspension springs.

Implementing the most current Wafios spring coiling technologies and our proprietary post coiling processes ensures that you receive a spring that meets the most current rules and regulations for linear spring rate characteristics. Our post coiling process includes tempering, shotpeening and a multi-stage presetting process. Finally the springs are phosphated and powder coated to provide a superior corrosion barrier. VR racing springs are tested to perform under the most difficult Motorsports environments. VOGTLAND utilizes the most current generation Instron spring testing equipment so you can be assured that the spring rate is within 2% of nominal. We also implement rigorous dynamic testing standards to guarantee our racing springs do not lose load capacity to ensure your setup before and after the race. When operating near solid height over the course of a race, VOGTLAND VR racing springs will not let you down.

Your advantages for more power are:

  • significant less weight
  • more spring travel
  • obvious higher spring force