Designed to perform.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has stood tried and true for over 100 years. Providing an attractive look and improving the performance of the driving enthusiast’s vehicle. We make you love to drive.

The R&D and spring manufacturing process begins with intense research into the design of the stock suspension components. Ride heights, spring rates, spring lengths, and other attributes are all carefully measured to determine the optimal configuration for the new lowering springs. Beginning with the highest quality spring steel available, Vogtland carefully measures and tests our raw materials to make certain they meet strict guidelines. On top of the guidelines and highest standards we definitely do not forget about street drivability as well as the jaw dropping, head turning look you desire.

Do not be fooled by the cheap copy cat imitations! Man power combined with many years of experience and the most up to date, state of the art manufacturing machinery is what sets Vogtland apart. We make the best so forget about the rest.