Installation instructions

Dear customer,

VOGTLAND Suspension Technology thanks you for your confidence. You have made a wise choice with the purchase of this high-quality German manufactured product. Pride in ownership is just as important to us as it is to you. VOGTLAND backs that with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Enjoy your car with VOGTLAND; Please read the following information carefully.

Important Product and Warranty Information

The lowering values we indicate are from an originally equipped, non altered vehicle. It is necessary to take into consideration many factors, the fender to wheel hub center measurements; wheel/tire size combination, fuel tank levels, the condition of the shock absorbers etc. Given these many variables VOGTLAND does not assume nor cover warranties for this.

VOGTLAND manufactures many different types of suspension, including coil springs and shock absorbers for a number of different vehicle models, some of which are very similar to each other. If you install and use VOGTLAND suspension systems not specifically designed for your vehicle make and model, this may cause physical injury, property damage, and will void any said warranty. This also applied to any non approved wheel and tires combinations. Our suspension sets are approved for most tire/ wheel combinations however please check the TUV certificates, model lists or manuals for more details. Please contact your Vogtland dealer, or licensed mechanic with experience in installing suspension if you are not sure of appropriate fitment.

VOGTLAND products are manufactured and tested using rigorous and extensive Quality Assurance. Even though these tests are performed there are certain circumstances where products can become damaged. Please take extreme caution and follow the following precautions to prevent any sort of damage; avoid excessive load, comply with and do not exceed the vehicle manufacturers stated axle loads. Avoid aggressive driving maneuvers (i.e. racing, off-road trips/ racing etc.).

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the correct usage of our products and agree to abide by the local city, county, state, country laws and regulations.

Use caution when removing and installing suspension springs. Springs under compression have a tremendous amount of energy that if handled improperly could result in damage to property and or personal injury. If you are not familiar with the installation techniques then Vogtland suspension should only be installed by a licensed mechanic with experience in installing suspension components.

Do not exceed the permissible axle loads specified in the certificate for VOGTLAND suspension components. Ensure that the spring and vehicle combinations are correct. Should there be any issue with fitment stop immediately from installation and contact your VOGTLAND dealer, or VOGTALND directly.

Please check that the following are correct, adjusted and calibrated properly after installation before driving the vehicle.

  • Wheel/ Tires are re-installed and torqued properly.
  • Any necessary headlight adjustments
  • Test shock absorbers (When reusing shock absorbers)
  • Make sure any and all brake components are reconnected and adjusted if needed.
Failure to test these components will result in a void of the VOGTLAND warranty and VOGTLAND will not assume any liability for any damage.