The Group

For more than 100 years, new product ideas in spring technology have been at the heart of our work. Today, the VDF-springs corporate group is a major manufacturer of cold-formed springs in Europe. Our continued growth is based on our strong customer orientation and high technical expertise.

The current corporate structure ideally combines the concentration of the operating companies on their core business and their openness to strategic alliances. The overall functions, finance and accounting, insurance, management and personnel management are combined across a holding company. The pooling of experience and expertise will be communicated to the outside through the common brand "VDF-spring Spring Technology Group."

The companies Renzing spring technology and VOGTLAND spring technology are operating on the European market for sophisticated, application-specific technical springs. In both companies, specializing in different segments of customers, technical springs are developed, produced and distributed.

The company VOGTLAND Autosport specializes in the international market for technology and sporty suspension components. The program consists of lowering springs, suspension kits, adjustable suspension, racing springs and electronic lowering. These high quality products are produced at our plant headquarters in Hagen, Germany. The company VOGTLAND North America is also a competent partner of the American racing industry.